Shopping Links

This is mainly for myself to keep track of my favourite sites where I like to buy things from. Living in a town now, rather than a city, means I don’t get exposed to items I’d like to buy as easily and with my partner’s illness, we don’t get to travel as much as we used to, which is an annoyance. Of course, I also like to share things with others, too, so I hope you find this useful. Of course, due to my pagan tastes, I have always found the internet useful for finding things that are relevant to expressing my spirituality. (I hate using the word religion, because it conjures up images of organized religion and I don’t even like associating myself with groups because I don’t always agree with what they say.) Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored by any of these companies and I have not received payment in linking them.

Clothing Sites

Curvissa | WITT | Karrimor

Alternative Fashion Sites

Lisa Parker | The Mountain Blue Banana | Rock Collection | Rocky Horrors | Truffle Shuffle | My Geek Box

Make-Up Sites

Stargazer | The Body Shop | BH Cosmetics | Paint-Glow | Avon | Love Thy Make-Up | Super-Drug |

Music Sites

Jewellery Sites