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While at university, I played Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and Wizards of the Coast’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game. (I mention the publisher, because there was another, older and more extensive one which was run by West End Games in the 90s.) After finishing uni, I missed it and wanted to try my hand at role-playing in Middle-earth, so I started doing this online. The main site I role-play on is twitter, but I can also be found on Roleplay Haven (a new site, like Facebook, but for rp), Creative Freedom, Tumblr (though these are more like extended profiles for my twitter accounts) and a chat based site called RP Haven. My favourite platform has got to be Roleplay Haven because it allows me to do more stuff on there, but we really do need more Tolkein Roleplayers on there to make it work.

I spend more time on twitter than the others, because that is where the fandom is most active, but it’s my least favourite of all the platforms because there are no real staff or moderators to make sure people behave.

Creative Freedom doesn’t really have a separate profile as it’s a forum based site, and I find it difficult finding characters I’d like to rp with on there, so it would be best to contact me first. The same thing goes with the chat site, because it’s not easy to find profiles on there.

Kili (AU from the book)

Nephew of Thorin Oakenshield, son of Dis and brother of Fili. He survived the Battle of the Five Armies and is now living in Erebor with his family, his Azyungâl, @Lyndheid and daughter, Linhildr (Linny). He has a fondness for nature and animals. Keeps a bouncy, trouble-some sheepdog called Fundin, a cheeky raven named Kari and a cantankerous war-sow named Heidi. He still retains his adventurous and care-free nature, but has grown in maturity since he set foot in Bag End. Much of his time is spent dedicated to his chosen craft of composing music.

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Lyndheid is the oldest daughter of the dwarven smith, the dwarf smith Hredimar and the healer, Svarri, and grew up not in Ered Luin but near Rhosgobel with her parents and four siblings. She has a curious nature and is interested in nature and animals, but was set back in her studies due to the depredations of Smaug. Her curiosity and circumstances have caused her to travel widely. Of her brothers, Ottr was the one she was closet to. Like many dwarves, she is initially suspicious of elves. She is engaged to Kili and the mother of his daughter, Linhildr.

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The youngest of three brothers, with Dori being the eldest and Nori the middle brother. A very awkward and shy dwarrow. He longs to be a scribe when he is older, but his dreams are hampered by poverty and Nori’s thievery. Balin, taking pity and seeing potential in the lad, has taken him under his wing. He loves chips and hates green food, something which his family is often forced to eat because of poverty. (Head canon) He is the son of the dwarrowdam Skafid, and the wandering warrior-poet, Moidvithir, a son of the Blacklock dwarrow clan.

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Loni is the youngest son of the dwarven solider, Sindri and the dwarrowdam, Vrindr. He grew up in Ered Luin with his family and when he became of age, he followed in his father’s footsteps and trained as a warrior. After the Battle of the Five Armies, he accompanied his brother, Andvari and the dwarrowdam blacksmith, Bild to Erebor, Once in Erebor, he joined the guard and worked in Kili’s household. He proved himself to be a valuable asset and was eventually promoted to the captain of Kili’s personal guard. He is loyal, brave and skilled in the use of a variety of weaponry and an excellent rider.

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The youngest daughter of the dwarf smith and warrior, Hredimar and the healer, Svarri, and the youngest of five siblings. Sister of the dwarf maiden, @Lyndheid, mother of the dwarfling Nali, and wife of the apprentice dwarf smith, Andvari. She is the least adventurous of her siblings, and prefers to spend her time crafting jewellery, needlework and making fine furnishings. Under her care are the remaining sheepdogs that belonged to her mother, her favourite of which is the old sheepdog, Freki. Her parents and brothers Fafnir, Regin and Ottr reside in the halls of Mahal.


The aunt of @Lyndheid and @Lofnheid, and sister of the blacksmith and warrior, Hredimar. Along with her brother, she was warrior under Lord Fundin’s command at the Battle of Battle of Azanulbizar. Her parents died battling the dragon Smaug when he descended on Erebor. She and her brother were raised by their uncle, Hanar, who taught them both the craft of blacksmithing. Once the war had ended, she accompanied the king to live in Ered Luin, and lost touch with her brother. She dedicated her life to her craft of forging weapons and armour, and took no husband.


A slightly barmy, bouncy sheepdog, belonging to the dwarrowdam, @Lyndheid. He is very playful, curious and friendly and likes to follow scent trails left by other animals, especially wild ones, like foxes. He is one of the descendants of Lyndheid’s mother’s sheepdogs, which she trained as herders and to find lost people. He has inherited many of the traits from them. Of course, he considers that he ‘owns’ Lyndheid, and @eredluinarcher. He can only ‘talk’ to other animals, Ents, Ainur and Beornings, but not to humans, elves, hobbits and dwarves because they don’t understand him.


Huldrika is one of the last of the Beornings. Her parents, Skolbold and Huldvild, many years ago, had left the Beorning village where they grew up to explore Middle-earth and settled in Forochel, for it was sparsely populated with only the Lossoth people, which was ideal for them. As a skin-changer, she avoids contact as much as possible with those not of her kind, for they view skin-changers with suspicion. Along with her twin brother, Borggár and younger sister, Ranvild, she is on a journey to Vales of Anduin to search for others of her kind.




Linhildr (Linny)

Kili (Modern! AU)

Lyndheid (Modern! AU)

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