A lot of bloggers I find make a big deal about Invisible Illnesses, and as this is very personal, I am reluctant to share anything about my health, but it does effect me on a regular basis. I suffer from Type 2 Diabetes and although there is a lot in the media about this medical condition, I find most of it to be negative and has a ‘blame the patient’ attitude towards it simply because if you follow a certain type of life-style, you are more likely to develop the condition. It is more complicated than that. I have a family history of it and as a lot of the people were quite young when they developed it, it is likely that it is a genetic condition, and an autosomal dominant one at that. (There is a family of conditions by the way, called MODY, which is what I suspect my family has, and it’s clear to me that it is an autosomal dominant condition due to the frequency of people in my family who have it.)

However, when people ask, I call it Type 2, because that is what most people know the condition as. In reality right now, it doesn’t effect me much on its own, and I try to avoid eating foods which I know have a high sugar content, and I also avoid eating processed foods like ready meals and sauces because they generally have a lot of hidden sugar.

What I do tend have more trouble with is my blood pressure, as it prevents me from carrying heavy objects and makes me have trouble going up hills and stairs, especially if the hill is steep, or it’s more than one flight of stairs. Some days, I even have trouble with it when I’m doing normal activities which shouldn’t cause blood pressure spikes, like preparing meals.

Because of my high blood pressure, I do not take stress very well and as I am a carer for my partner who has problems of his own (I won’t go into details of that, because it’s private to him), this becomes an increasing problem for me.

Due to experiences I’ve had as a child, and more recent events involving my partner and family circumstances, I do have a mild form of depression. (I use the term mild, because it is in comparison to those who have severe forms of depression along side other conditions like PTSD, but it’s not always mild for me!) I am frequently tried and lack energy, and have low moods, but the severity of it depends on how much stress is present in my life and how my blood pressure is on a certain day. When my partner is going through a rough patch, I am too. I am also dealing with his illness without a lot of support, so you can understand why I struggle with low moods.

I have always had problems with migraines and this not helped by having high blood pressure and problems dealing with stress, so when things are bad, I usually have problems with these too. I can avoid it by making sure I don’t expose myself to loud noises and bright lights when I am not feeling at my best.

I have a problem with my left knee and my feet, particularly around my heel and in the arch area of the foot, so I have to be extremely careful about not exposing my feet to cold weather. As a component of this blog is fashion, I will only be wearing footwear which will protect my feet and prevent further problems. If you’ve ever had a problem like this, it can last months, so to me, a good pair of shoes aren’t always the ones that fashion magazines would much rather have you wear!

I also have problems with heart burn and this can be controlled by avoiding fatty things, but I do have problems with this at night, or when I lie down, which disrupts my sleep.

One final thing – I do not like talking about my health and the problems my partner has, so I will not bring these a lot into my blog, but I feel like I must write this page so that people can understand why I may sometimes fall behind. People don’t always have ‘perfect’ lives (to be honest, I doubt anyone really does) but one thing which annoys me is when people try to criticize or unfairly judge people because they aren’t as ‘perfect’ as they perceive themselves to be.