A Little Update on the Middle-Earth Cross Stitch Project

I’ve finished all of the characters now, but because the weather has been bad, I’ve not been able to take photos of them to share. My current digital camera is not brilliant at taking photos indoors when there’s not enough light, so it will have to wait. I also need to get the wadding and wash the needlework before I can make them up into the ornaments. I will be using one of the techniques found on this site. (I also need to get a pair of pinking shears as the ones I have are rather stiff and heavy, and I don’t trust them not to mess up the cutting of the felt if I tried to use them. Hobby Craft have some inexpensive ones, so I’ll try those, otherwise I’d have to pay more than I wanted to. I have been considering designing some patterns for the characters that weren’t done in the sets – Radagast, Bard, Tauriel, Bain, Tilda, Sigrid, Beorn, Grima and Saruman, but we’ll have to see. I bought some graph paper to experiment on so I may do so.