Courses Update!

I am quite enjoying these Coursera courses! The only drawbacks are these. They make me wish even more that I had covered these topics more thoroughly in my Zoology degree, but by the time year three came round, the Vertebrate Paleontology module of the course had been dropped. It is really the one major regret of my degree as it had been the module which I’d most looked forward to. (Though I did manage to touch upon the subject slightly in my independent study as I’d used evolution as part of it.) The other one is that they make me miss university study even more – I enjoy it too much!

My health is not as good as it was and it was a struggle even back then because of the problem I had with my foot and my blood pressure. (When I am stressed, my blood pressure makes the stress worse, so I have to be careful. Now, I have other issues to deal with too.)

So, what to do?

I’ve decided to make a new blog, with a new domain name for subjects regarding zoology that I find interesting, which is a lot! It’s not the most ideal solution but it does keep me reading the material, it does mean that I (hopefully) won’t forget things, and maybe if the financial situation regarding degrees is resolved, I can study properly again. It does improve my mood just by looking at this stuff again!