A Little Bit of Indulgence: My Latest Body Shop Haul

I have been a fan of the Body Shop ever since I was a teen, back in the ’90’s. Environmentalism and animal rights were a big concern back then, (and they should be now, to be honest – the environment in general is much more degraded. Although there have been some successes with preserving endangered species, in general it has become worse. People have forgotten to take care of the environment and have even forgotten to be compassionate towards animals as fur in fashion makes a reappearance and one-up man-ship in regards to exotic holidays where people swim with dolphins or take elephant rides have become the norm. I could write entire series of posts on this subject alone!)

There were two things of concern for me back then – the first was I didn’t want to use products that had been tested on animals when it comes to beauty products as I didn’t see it as being right that animals suffered for vanity. Aside from leather in shoes, I have never worn leather, I have never worn fur, not even the fake stuff, because even the fake stuff gives the impression that you want to wear fur and a lot of it is mislabeled as fake when it is real. I advise people to avoid it completely, and fashion is a type of vanity. (The only time I think it is acceptable to wear fur or leather is when it is a matter of safety or survival, otherwise it is just vanity.) My other main concern was the use of CFCs in aerosol products. (CFCs are one of the chemicals responsible for the thinning of the Ozone Layer which protects us from the harmful effects of certain kinds of radiation – and thankfully, because of the banning of the use of CFCs, we have one of the few environmental success stories.) Back then, the Body Shop was one of the few companies that voluntarily developed products that weren’t tested on animals and didn’t use CFCs in their body sprays and perfumes. (There was a time when I was unable to buy their products, though, after my mother passed away because they were too expensive, but things have improved a lot since then.)

I started buying their products again, mainly because I had massive problem with acne and although it cleared up as I went into my twenties, I still had breakouts from time to time. I started using their Tea Tree products (particularly the facial scrub, face mask and toner) which seemed to clear up the problem completely because of the anti-bacterial properties of tea tree. So, if there are any teens reading this, and young folks in their twenties, get the Tea Tree facial scrub, rather than the generic anti-spot products as I found they don’t really work. (I remember one product in particular, making my skin all dry and flaky like it gets after sun-burn and that was as worse as the spots…) (Incidentally, I use Original Source’s Tea Tree shower gel, which is Vegan. I used to use their shampoo when they manufactured it, but they don’t anymore, which is a shame, and I use their hand washes, too. Right now, I’m using the Raspberry one because the shop didn’t have the Tea Tree one, but I’d gladly buy any Vegan beauty product if it was easy to get hold of, and inexpensive, which is why I like Original Source. I think one of the reasons people don’t use these products as much as they’d like to is because they can’t always get hold of them easily or it’s a luxury item for them, and making it a luxury item doesn’t reach as many people as it should, which is sad as animals still suffer and many of the non-vegan products are environmental pollutants. Accessibility is one of the reasons why I buy a lot of the beauty products I use from the Body Shop, even if the prices are sometimes steep.)

As I have Type 2 Diabetes, (most likely from genetics as it is a big problem in my family), I also need to look after my feet and I find their products are good for keeping the skin soft, though I have used other brands.

I have become quite fond of their soaps as they have a good scent to them. Soaps from other companies just don’t seem to have their sparkle! I like their scents too, and have used various ones over the years – some have been discontinued, though, so I can’t get them anymore, but they usually last a long while and I think are worth the money, even if they are more expensive than generic brands – they are kind of like my luxury go to perfumes when I want them. (TBH, their body mists are cheaper than most perfumes, so I don’t mind the expense in that regard.)

But that’s enough about what I’ve brought in the past – now on to the recent haul!

I generally spend £20 – £30 at a time on these products and usually buy them from their website. (I could get them from the shop in town, but I prefer not to have shop assistants trying to get me to buy more stuff, which usually happens. Spending between £20 – £30 on these usually makes the postage worth it, but one of the things I like about ordering from the website is that you can sometimes get discounts on postage and other things, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their offers.)

I’d run out of the Tea Tree facial scrub, so I got another bottle of that. Although I probably don’t need it any more, I find that it leaves my skin feeling cleaner than soaps and other scrubs. They have changed the bottles since last time I bought some and I hope these are more robust, as the cap broke on my last bottle.

I bought the Strawberry Body Mist this time round. The last time, it was Mango. I love the smell of the Strawberry soap, so I thought I’d like this one. If I like it, I might buy more Strawberry products.

I bought the nail buffer – of all the make-up I use, I like nail polish the best and sometimes, especially when I’ve used glitter polish, my nails can look a bit tired because of it. (And, if you don’t like using nail polish, then a buffer is a good thing for you to have because it gives your nails a nice shine without having to use polish. It’s probably a good thing to have if you can’t use nail polish for work because of polish chipping off, etc… It’s a very versatile piece of beauty equipment, and you can avoid the problem if needing to wait for polish to dry, too. I have previously used Soap and Co, and loved using it, but I’ve not had a chance to use the Body Shop’s yet, so I don’t know if it’s as good as that one. (There has been some controversy over Soap and Co, so I’m not buying from them anymore unless they change their practices regarding the treatment of their staff, so I am glad that the Body Shop has this as an alternative – they also have cuticle oil which you use with it as well and this helps stop the skin around the nails from drying out, and flaking off, – a frequent problem I have.) I’ll do a review of this once I get the chance. (I got something like this in a Technic nail set I bought at Christmas, but the polishing block is too rough and it doesn’t have the different surfaces that the Soap and Co one has – which I hope that the Body Shop one has. My old Soap and Co one is looking really tried and grubby now, as I’ve had it for a long while so I am looking forward to using this! Although I don’t have a problem with Technic stuff most of the time, I was disappointed with that one.)

The last time I had my feet checked to make sure the blood circulation was good, the nurse advised me that I should be getting rid of the hard skin on the bottom of my feet because it increases the chances of losing feeling there. For diabetics, poor blood circulation is a problem for legs and feet, and can lead to nerve damage if they don’t get a good blood supply. I am fine, at the moment, though, so it’s not a problem apart from the hard skin. However, if it gets bad, you lose the feeling in your feet, cuts and wounds are slow to heal and you can get bad infections. In really bad situations, feet are amputated. You have to watch out for burns, too, so it might be tempting to sit with feet in front of the fire, but if the feeling is gone, you won’t notice them getting too hot – it can also be a problem with hot water in baths, too, so it’s best to check how hot it is before you put your feet in! Because of this, I bought a pumice stone to get rid of the hard skin.

Finally, but not least – I bought some of my favourite soaps – Mango, Olive and Strawberry! The packaging on these has changed, and they appear to have changed their shape as well. Hopefully, they’ll be as nice as the old ones!