Vertebrates, Dinosaurs, and Marine Reptiles, Oh My!

For those who are interested in science and would like a taster in some of the best university courses from around the world, or who are already enrolled on a university course and would like a little help with their revision, then the website Coursera has a lot of courses to choose from. I’ve delved into these a little in the past and I love the concept of them as they introduce high quality videos to show what is being carried out in various sciences. (Of course, they do other subjects, too, but as my background is in science, I tend to focus on those.) Best of all, they are free to join. (You do have to pay if you want a certificate, and the down side of it is that you don’t get an actual degree, so it is like sitting in on lectures out of interest.) I think Coursera is good for preparing people for their chosen subject, educating the general public and just getting people interested in science.

I am planning on doing the paleontology series run by the University of Alberta –

Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds,
Early Vertebrate Evolution,
Dino 101,
Ancient Marine Reptiles

There really is something for everyone on there and I hope people find it useful in helping them decide what they want to do or give them that extra boost they need for their courses. (It’s a shame that it doesn’t address the issue of people being unable to afford a university education though, (at least when it comes to getting the piece of paper to prove that you can do something, and it will not replace the practical skills people need, and that is a real problem for many people,) but it is a step in the right direction.