Yep, I’ve not been around to blog. To be honest, I’ve not really felt like it. I’d love to give the make-up stuff justice, but when I don’t go out a great deal, I don’t feel like using it and don’t see the point of it when I’m hanging around in the house. I do have my phone, but I’ve spent money on other things rather than credit for that. With Yule/Christmas just around the corner now, I prefer to spend what we have on that, and I want to get a new kettle. My mood hasn’t been good due to RL issues which began in September and then I just had a lot of things pile up on top of me so I’ve just been trying to control the negativity of that, and to cope with the stress I’ve been under. I’ve been working on a LOTR/Hobbit RP forum over at proboards and getting it together is going well...

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Barry M Fashion Icon Nail Polish


By now, readers should know that I am a fan of glitter nail polishes and I’ve been looking for some good ones with a coloured base coat. Barry M’s range is a bit more expensive that I normally spend, and I decided to give it a go, though after doing some image searches on google, I see that the colours in this range which I would have been more interested in have been discontinued, which is a shame, so we are left with this shade, along with two others – one purple and one pink. I bought this from Superdrug and after seeing images of it online, I expected it to be blue in colour, but it’s not, it’s more of a mid purple colour, though if the light shines on it right, it does appear blue. (I’m thinking that the flash on the camera must have brought out the blue on the online photos.)

It’s a...

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Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier


It has been a long while since I read any books on a serious basis. This year, of course, I’ve read Poldark, and I revisited Watership Down in the spring, but it has been a long time since I read any fantasy books, and until I read this, I can’t remember when was the last time I’d read anything. I think it might have been the last Dresden Files book, or a Star Wars one about Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yep, I do love Star Wars! My lack of reading has been due to problems with my concentration – there was a time when I could fly through a book in a couple of days, a week at the most, and I’d read several books a week, but not now. This problem with concentration started because because of an illness I had a couple of years ago, and in part due to my partner’s illness, and the flat we live in...

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Sorry for my absence

Apologies for no posts this week. I’ve been going through a bad patch in many things, and my enthusiasm for posting in the blog this week has not been high for various reasons. This happens when I’m stressed and a lot of things are giving me annoyance and I find that the best thing for me to do is withdraw, or work on things which don’t require me to heavily interact with people. Hopefully, things will be better soon!

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More Than Just a Blog

Since I found buddypress, this site has become more than just a blog, as it also doubles as an interactive forum. I will be making group pages for the various sites I run which will in turn be a forum for them, as I’ve always liked the idea that a site has a forum. (And there is the added advantage that even if the boards don’t get any members on them, the site is active because of the blog.) I do hope that people will enjoy their time on the site. Buddypress also turns the blog into a little social networking site too, so it is quite flexible in that respect. I do, however, hope that the plugin improves so that you can create boards on the actual forum, rather than having groups, but I’ve come across worse plugins.

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Technic Tropics Nail Polish Set


This summer, Technic produced five sets of four nail polishes, Nudes, Pinks, Pastels and Tropics. They are inexpensive and you can get them from Body Care for £2.49 (or there abouts). I picked up the Tropics set, as I prefer those colours. I may get the others, too, because there’ll probably be a time when I need those colours for some reason.

Technic have produced the colours found in the Tropics set before, in the Party Brights range and Colour Me Bright set, but the purple shade isn’t among those. The colours are bright and fun, and I think are good for summer parties, festivals and summer holidays, so I’m probably a bit late with this, as it’s September.

My favourite colour in the set has got to be the purple one, which I tried first...

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Unexpected Tree of Gondor Pendent Giveaway


Recently, I ordered some geeky pendents and they arrived today, but I was sent more of this design than I needed. If you’re interested in receiving one (and you must live in the UK), please let me know! The giveaway will be running until the 1st November. There are about 9 pieces in all. The chains aren’t that great, but you could thread them on cord.

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Alpha and Omega Review

alphaandomega ontheprowl

I was feeling ill last night, (Low mood problems, actually. I’ve been having problems for the last couple of weeks. It’s always there, but sometimes it flares up more than usual and the past couple of weeks it’s been worse than usual. I thought that reading would put me in a better mood and distract me from feeling ill. If you have stress and mood related issues, you know that there are times it can make you feel ill and will understand. Even today as I’m writing this, my mood is probably just about OK…) I didn’t feel like interacting with people via role-play, so I decided to read one of Patricia Briggs’ short stories instead.

The short story is called Alpha and Omega (one which I have read before, but it felt like I was reading it for the first time because I couldn’t remember a great...

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Wyvern 4 Piece Pyjama Set by Spiral


It’s probably not often that a pyjama set is featured, but this week, I bought a four piece set from Spiral, using my Studio account. I’ve been a fan of Spiral clothing for years and generally buy t-shirts they make, usually of a pagan, dragon and wolf designs. I love their stuff! I usually go for the men’s t-shirts because I like a baggier fit, rather than a close fitting one. (When I was younger, I didn’t mind the closer fit of women’s designs, but they tend to be aimed at ladies who are slimmer, and I don’t think they fit me very well, even on the bigger sizes because of this...

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Technic Double Trouble Ocean Nail Polish Review


I love glitter nail polish, and I think this goes back to when I was in my late teens, as I used to get the Spectacular range of polishes, which you can sadly, no longer get. You can find them in Body Care shops, or online. lovethymakeup.com is one online supplier I’ve bought things from but they changed their website so you can no longer get these from there, but they have a good Technic range. I don’t know what happened to Spectacular as I only started buying make-up again a couple of years ago when I was feeling down and needed a pick me up. In this case, I bought it from amazon, but I do prefer to buy several items from a shop when it comes to make-up so that all the goods can be shipped together to save on postage...

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