This is the first time I’ve had a chance to make a blog post since we lost Jaffa. I don’t know what to put in this update, really, other than that I hope to post more frequently in the new year, and make a proper post for Jaffa when I can put my thoughts together […]


It has been a while since I posted in here. I’ve been working very much on rescuing Legends of Arda from the abyss as icyboards is closing down and I’ve had to put the forum on here. As a consequence, I’ve had to get rid of the picture gallery I had and I’m having to […]

Middle-Earth Cross Stitch Project

Recently, I have resumed working on a cross stitch project which I started a while ago. They are based on a pattern from an esty shop. (They no longer trade, unfortunately, so I am unable to share the link.) Rather than make samplers, I decided to stitch each character on a small piece of fabric […]

Sharing Saturday – 80’s and 90’s Cartoons Prt 1

I’ve not posted in the blog for a while. This month I’ve had quite a number of problems with my health and so felt too tired to do so, and I’ve also had the courses to do, so my focus has been elsewhere. I’ve managed to come across some old cartoons that I used to […]

Introducing Ladies of Geekdom!

Ladies of Geekdom is a new Google+ and Facebook group I’ve created as a place where ladies and girls who are fans of science fiction and fantasy, science, and general nerdy/geeky subjects can come together to discuss and share what they love. They are open to everyone – no approval process (‘cos really, why should […]

Courses Update!

I am quite enjoying these Coursera courses! The only drawbacks are these. They make me wish even more that I had covered these topics more thoroughly in my Zoology degree, but by the time year three came round, the Vertebrate Paleontology module of the course had been dropped. It is really the one major regret […]

Vertebrates, Dinosaurs, and Marine Reptiles, Oh My!

For those who are interested in science and would like a taster in some of the best university courses from around the world, or who are already enrolled on a university course and would like a little help with their revision, then the website Coursera has a lot of courses to choose from. I’ve delved […]